NCE License issue (A Bug with MS Portal)

A good to Know information for All the Partners : BUG: I have found with Microsoft Office 365 portal regarding NCE and CSP licensing. Issue: Purchased NCE license and Canceled CSP Subscription from the Partner portal. It started showing up in O365 Admin Center > Your Product as NOT AVAILABLE : Unfortunately, I disabled/canceled the … Read more

Configure the AD FS Servers with Azure MFA

MFA was not getting prompted while logging in to RDS and giving error: To resolve the above error, followed below steps. Make sure steps required to be performed on all AD FS servers in the farm: Step 1: Generate a certificate for Azure MFA on each AD FS server using the New-AdfsAzureMfaTenantCertificate cmdlet The first … Read more

Hiding contact from GAL in Sync Environment

How to hide contact in hybrid/synchronized environment in Office 365. When you have Hybrid environment or synchronized environment where AAD connect sync your all users, attributes from on-prem to Office 365. How you can hide the contact from GAL (Global Address List). It’s a big challenge as msExchHideFromAddressLists attribute by default is set not to … Read more

DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail)

What is DKIM (Domain Key identified mail)? Advanced security feature which is used along with SPF to prevent spoofing and phishing attack on the domains. When DKIM is enabled for your domain, all emails sent out from the server will be digitally signed using cryptographic authentication. The receiving server can use this digital signature to … Read more

SPF (Sender Policy Framework)

SPF (Sender Policy Framework) What Is SPF Record? An SPF record is an email authentication record that can be published in DNS as a TXT record. It helps prevent spoofing and phishing by verifying the sender’s IP address against the return path address domain. Where to configure? To configure an SPF record, you need to … Read more