Complete Mailbox Migration with Bad Items

Introduction: Migrating mailboxes is a crucial task for organizations, ensuring seamless transitions between email platforms while maintaining data integrity. However, migrations aren’t always smooth sailing. Bad items, such as corrupted emails or problematic attachments, can hinder the process. In this guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of mailbox migration, focusing on handling bad items effectively … Read more

How to remove Proxy address for bulk users on exchange server

  A good-to-know piece of information is always worth sharing. During migration, you might encounter challenges with users who have email domains that are non-accepted in Office 365. While it’s easy to handle this manually for a few users, what if you’re dealing with thousands of users, each with an SMTP address associated with an … Read more

Microsoft Entra ID to Deliver MFA Text Message via WhatsApp

In today’s world, the need for robust security measures has never been more critical. With the increasing frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks, it’s essential to safeguard our online accounts and data from unauthorized access. One of the most effective ways to enhance security is through Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Microsoft, a leader in the tech industry, … Read more

Outlook PST/OST hit maximum Size

What is OST or PST? OST stands for Online Storage Table PST stands for Personal Storage Table In simple terminology, it’s data that Outlook downloaded from the mailbox and saved on your Machine to give you a smooth or stable experience while accessing the emails/content/data in your mailbox. What if the maximum size of OST … Read more

Microsoft PasswordLess

PasswordLess What is PasswordLess? Passwordless authentication is a method of verifying a user’s login without the need for a traditional password. Instead of relying on a password, PasswordLess authentication uses alternative methods to verify a login, such as biometrics (e.g. fingerprint, facial recognition), ha0072dware tokens, or one-time codes sent to a trusted device. Why it’s … Read more

Bug with Teams for communication credit

Think of before migrating or porting Toll Free no. to Teams for communication If you are an Direct customer or Indirect Customer with MS in both scenario this is good to know before coming in Production down situation. If you thinking to move to cloud for Communication. What type of Organization are you? An Call … Read more