Microsoft 365 and BitTitan configuration for cross tenant migration


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What is Microsoft 365 cross Tenant Migration?

Microsoft 365 cross-tenant migration typically refers to the process of moving data and services from one Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) tenant to another. A tenant in Microsoft 365 is essentially a dedicated instance of the service for an organization, and it includes things like user accounts, email, SharePoint sites, OneDrive for Business, and other related services.


Now, what is BitTitan tool?

BitTitan is a company that provides cloud services enablement and managed services automation. One of their notable offerings is the “MigrationWiz” tool, which is commonly used for email and data migration, including migrations to and from Microsoft 365 (Office 365).


Let’s begin with the steps to perform:

1: You need to have credentials ready for Microsoft 365 Tenant.

Source Tenant + Target Tenant

2: Since Basic Auth. is deprecated last in Dec 2022. You need to Register BitTitan Application in Azure to use Modern Auth.

Note: Make sure your both Admin accounts should have Global Admin role and should not be with Multi-Factor Authentication.


  • Here you need to enter the Application Name and Redirect URI : urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob



  • Now click on register.
  • Now once register go back to App. registration and look for the application name you created.
  • Open the Application and click on Overview:





  • Left side option Authentication, click on it and set the option to Yes as per below image and Save:



  • Click on Add a Permission and follow the steps mentioned in below image:




  • Now, you need to give or grand the Admin consent permission as below:


3: We need to give UserImpersonation permission to the admin account to perform the task:

  • Connect to exchange online powershell


    Enable-OrganizationCustomization (This PS command is to enable the configuration to customize the Organization level configuration)

    New-ManagementRoleAssignment -Role ApplicationImpersonation -User


    Note: Edit and put your Global Admin account email.



4: You need to have active account + subscription for the BitTitan.

BitTitan subscription is number of Mailbox required to be migrated based. If you want to migrate 10 mailbox, then you should have license for 10 Usermailbox.

3: Select BitTitan MigrationWiz and Login:


4: Once you login

Edit the Project you created for the migration.



5: Edit/Add these attributes for Source and same for destination:

  • Enabling Modern Authentication for the Source:






  • Make sure these 2 attributes are there as it will be used for impersonation.




Above steps are important steps to configure the BitTitan for cross Tenant Migration in Microsoft 365. I will soon publish step by step migration process following BitTitan tool.




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