NCE License issue (A Bug with MS Portal)

A good to Know information for All the Partners :

BUG: I have found with Microsoft Office 365 portal regarding NCE and CSP licensing.

Issue: Purchased NCE license and Canceled CSP Subscription from the Partner portal.

It started showing up in O365 Admin Center > Your Product as NOT AVAILABLE :

Unfortunately, I disabled/canceled the Defender Plan 1 license and found on the portal it is showing Not available or Not assigned as it did not show up any consumption.

This creates a Security concern for us, wherein we are lucky as well as not touching the Mailbox license so far. Or else it could be a disaster for all users with Mailbox.

Things made us enable the CSP defender again. So I purchased it again.

Resolution/ Conclusion: Now this is a BUG with NCE license on MS portal when checked in O365 Admin Center > Billing > Licenses.

Found it showing as activated or available License with the quantity we brought.

Now tested things before implementing. Also checked in Powershell found the correct no. license consumed.

Powershell cmd used to check the License consumption:

1: Connect to AzureAD PowerShell. (if Installed)

2: Run PowerShell as an Admin (If not installed)

Install-Module AzureAD

3: Get-AzureADSubscribedSku

Get-AzureADSubscribedSku -ObjectedId “ATP_ENTERPRISE(ObjectdeID)” |FL

This gave a clear picture and found license was consumed properly.

So, canceled all the CSP’s licenses and continue with NCE as it picked up automatically. And showing correctly in Azure :

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