Bug with Teams for communication credit

Think of before migrating or porting Toll Free no. to Teams for communication

If you are an Direct customer or Indirect Customer with MS in both scenario this is good to know before coming in Production down situation. If you thinking to move to cloud for Communication.

What type of Organization are you?

An Call Center ? Or call communication based organization.

Do you have Toll free to receive call ?

Or you are registered under an Partner with NCE subscription?

If yes, for above. Then What is going to happen?

Microsoft have so much issues going on internally where 1 more BUG noticed regarding Teams communication credit or regarding Pay-As-You-Go option.

Consequences: You will end up in Production down after toll free number porting is done to MS.


As Microsoft 365 do not have any option to add Communication Credit or Pay-As-You-Go.

Resolution / Work Around:

Purchase the Trial version of E3/E5 License under Direct customer plan from MS. This will enable the communication credit.

Now you can uncheck or disable the Trial License as we have Communication credit add to the license and subscription.

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